Love Yourself

When Colbie Caillet said, “Do you like you? I felt : Do we really like us? Do we love ourselves the way we want others to love us?
Reading so many self-love quotes and even posting them. Does it make you a self-lover? Or else it’s just a social media thing.

Basically, we all hear about such quotes : love yourself, prioritise yourself over anyone but we are not actually doing so.

Loving Yourself is one of the toughest lesson, we are faced to learn. So instead of reading the whole post, WAIT WAIT, RELAX. Sit down on a couch and think for a minute; DO YOU REALLY LOVE YOURSELF? Or you are always offended with the people around you. So I encourage you to dig deeper into yourself and learn what it truly means to love yourself.

In my past, I went through several self judgements, people’s opinions and even was insecure about how i look which eventually took away many beautiful moments. Ugh! I regret it now.
I didn’t realised to why i was giving power to such thoughts? Which don’t even matter now. Wasted almost nineteen years of my life living in the bubble of criticism which actually don’t exist. No doubt, people around you matters but their opinion effecting your well being is not acceptable. No one will teach you to love yourself, it’s only the self realisation within you that will bring you out of the nasty paths.

It really means giving yourself some respect, attention and choosing to nurture and forgive yourself. The more you invest in yourself, the more you’ll bloom. So how will you get there? Here are some tips:

• Try talking about your problems to someone.. can’t share? Just write it on a diary. This will help you to feel free.

• Get up! See yourself in the mirror and say these magical words: I am proud of you,you little bud! Soon everything will be blooming.

• 1440 minutes in a day and can’t get only 15 minutes for yourself? Yes, just few minutes have power to lighten up your mood.

• Listen to your favourite playlist or podcasts ( mine favourite one is daily boost)

• Dress yourself! Wear what you want. Make yourself comfortable in that big tees, low cut shirt, shorts, pair of jeans and sneaks. Comfort matters and affects your self confidence.

• Exercise! Only for yourself ,not for people who think you need to. Comfortable being yourself.
Diet!? Not ready. Eat that gulab jamun, because if you didn’t, I promise you’ll still want that weekend after. So just go for it.

You don’t need to get hard on yourself. There’re already many people who don’t like you. Atleast don’t add up yourself to that list.
You all deserve a pat on the back from yourself. Hey you! Yes you ! You are already doing a great job. Don’t always doubt yourself . Love, believe me you are truly a blessing.

Through writing this blog i am already doing my favourite thing. Are you still deciding? Go and do that favourite thing you always wanted to.

It’s a small effort from my side to make you feel a little more like you..and someone you can really love:)

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